3-Year-Old Globe Expert Can Identify All These Countries And Capitals, And Ellen's Clearly Impressed

"I'm sure everyone knows this country, right?"

Three-year-old Noah Ascano loves globes — so much so that studying them has made him a total expert on the world. During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Noah chats with Ellen DeGeneres about his favorite countries and recent travels before playing a game with the talk show host.

First, Noah names England as one of his favorite countries because he wants to see Big Ben, and adds that he's traveled to Hawaii on vacation, where he watched hula dancers perform and spent time on the beach.


Afterward, DeGeneres quizzes Noah on his knowledge, holding up cards with flags, and asking the 3-year-old to state the names of the countries associated with them, as well as their capitals and locations. He quickly gets Iceland, Uruguay, and Burkina Faso.

"Mmhmm," DeGeneres says, smiling and clearly impressed. "That is correct."

DeGeneres then moves on to show Ascano outlines of different countries from all over the world and even photos of famous landmarks, such as Machu Picchu and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, all of which Noah can name and place on the map.

Noah's appearance is not only incredibly impressive but it reminds us all to brush up on our own knowledge of the world, and perhaps we will learn a thing or two we never knew before. 

Check out Noah's smarts in the clip below:

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