This Kid Is The Worst At Blowing Out A Birthday Candle, And We Love It

The struggle is real.

Our first birthdays in life can be some of the most special, even if they aren't the most memorable. 

But luckily a little boy turning two has the moment captured on film by his parents to make sure he will never forget this birthday. In the video, the two-year-old is presented with a birthday song and nice big cupcake with a candle. But when it comes time to blow out the candle, he just can't seem to get the technique down. 

Try as he might, the candle just will not blow out, and watching his adorable struggle is too funny. 


Yup, the struggle is real.

Luckily, dad comes in with an ingenious way to help the little boy blow out the candle all by himself. The video, posted yesterday, is quickly going viral and already has almost 50k views on YouTube. 

Here it is again for your viewing pleasure: 

Kid is Terrible at Blowing out Candles... Dad to The Resue

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