3-Year-Old Demonstrates The Sheer Physical Power Of Believing In Yourself

Life lessons.

Sometimes all you need is a little self confidence and determination to achieve your dreams — even if that dream is to kick through a wooden board. 

In a 2013 video recently shared on Reddit with the caption "The power of believing in yourself. My nephew was the youngest kid to break a board in his Dojo," a 3-year-old is seen faced with a pretty tough challenge. 

His teacher encourages him by saying "You gotta see yourself breaking that board. Don't worry about what everyone is doing. Just focus on what we're doing right now. You gotta have that determination to make it happen." 


Though Dylan didn't get it on his first try...

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A change seemed to come over him after the pep talk, and when he tried again...


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See, the power of believing in yourself really does work! 

Watch the full video below:

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