6-Year-Old Chef Teaches Ellen How To Cook, Winning Over Our Hearts

"But after 9 years old, I'll be an expert."

Nihal Raj, aka Kicha, teaches thousands of viewers how to cook on his YouTube channel, and now the adorable 6-year-old is showing off his skills on The Ellen Show, too.

During his first trip to the United States, Kicha teaches Ellen DeGeneres a traditional Indian breakfast recipe for puttu, or steamed rice cakes, featuring ingredients such as rice flour, water, coconut, and more. 

But there are no flames or knives required, of course, because "that means I am not an expert," Kicha says. "But after 9 years old, I'll be an expert." 

Throughout the segment, the chef's youthful spirit makes everyone, including DeGeneres, completely crack up — but that's not to say his skills and knowledge are anything short of impressive. 

Be sure to check it out in the full video below:



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