KFC Will Award College Money To Parents Who Name Their Baby After Colonel Sanders

Finger lickin' good.

When one thinks of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, the first thing that comes to mind likely has nothing to do with college. So KFC-goers might be surprised to learn what the chain is offering as an award to parents who win their baby naming contest


KFC is offering the winner $11,000 towards their child's college tuition if they name their baby Harland after founder Colonel Sanders.

Many know the history of Colonel Sanders, but they might not be aware that the Colonel's full name was Harland Sanders. As KFC pointed out in a recent video advertising the contest, the name Harland has been waning in popularity. 

Baby Center ranks it as the 6,193th name of 2018 and it's down -1,289 from 2017. Harland ranked No. 3,257 on the U.S. Social Security Administration's 2017 baby name list

KFC says that people can help boost it again by naming their little one Harland, which means "meadow of hares."

As a little incentive, the brand will give the contestant winner $11,000, which is reference to KFC's blend of 11 mystery herbs and spices

The "Name Your Baby Harland" contest opens on September 9, which is the Colonel's birthday. If parents have their baby on the day and name him/her Harland, they can enter the contestant via the form on the website. The contest ends on October 9.

KFC did point out that "old man names are cool again." What's more, there has been a trend for parents getting very creative with baby names. In 2017,  there were 1,100 newly invented baby names. So, a little Harland won't seem out of place.

In fact, there are already families on the KFC Instagram revealing that they have babies named Harland. It's too bad they don't qualify for the $11,000.

(H/T: Today)

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