Watch Key And Peele's Extensive Search For The Perfect Kitten To Play Keanu

"She does not want this career."

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's Key & Peele sketch show on Comedy Central might be done, but the comedians are far from done collaborating. Their feature film debut as a duo, Keanu, hits theaters Friday, April 29, and as such, they've been back in the spotlight promoting the film over the past few weeks .

Obviously, they couldn't resist doing so in off-the-wall ways, the latest of which involves a video of them "auditioning" cats for the titular role of Keanu. To be brief, the plot centers on a couple of soft dudes whose kitten gets stolen by a drug dealer, so they pretend to be hard to infiltrate the dealer's gang and win Keanu back.

Just like real life drug-dealing, gang-affiliated kittens, Keanu had to be an agile force who didn't compromise on cuteness, and, needless to say, the process of finding the perfect cat wasn't easy. Watch below as Key and Peele work through the initial batch of candidates:

(H/T: Vulture)

Cover image: Comedy Central via YouTube


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