Kevin Smith Reveals How Much His First Movie Cost

Take it from one of the industry's best.

Kevin Smith has had quite the career. Despite the time he's spent walking red carpets, there was also a time when he was making low-budget blockbuster films.

Smith, who is known for having intimate interactions with his fans on social media, took to Facebook on Monday to give some words of encouragement to his most devout followers. He did it by showing off the budget he used to produce one of his first films, "Clerks," which won a Sundance Film Festival award


In the comments, Smith notes that the picture is missing an additional $1,000 expense that brought the total to $27,575. For context, production costs of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" were about $200 million. That's more than 7,000 times the cost of "Clerks."

"You can make a movie for WAY less money these days, kids," Smith added in a comment. "And all the tech you need is right on your smart phone. So... What's stopping you?"

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