Kenyan Man Offers Obama 50 Cows, 70 Sheep And 30 Goats For His Daughter Malia

When two worlds collide.

When President Barack Obama comes to Kenya in July, one young man will be waiting anxiously for his arrival.

Felix Kiprino, a Kenya-based lawyer, is hoping to see Obama ride into town alongside his daughter, Malia, who Kiprino intends to marry. Kiprino is offering 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats in exchange for her hand, according to The Nairobian.

"I am currently drafting a letter to Obama asking him to please have Malia accompany him for this trip. I hope the embassy will pass the letter to him," Kiprono told the newspaper.

On top of the livestock, which is apparently part of a traditional offering in the Kalenjin dowry ceremony, Kiprono promised to provide sour milk instead of champagne and propose on top of a hill outside the hustle and bustle of the capital.

"If my request is granted, I will not resort to the cliche of popping champagne. Instead, I will surprise her with mursik, the traditional Kalenjin sour milk. As an indication that she is my queen, I will tie sinendet, which is a sacred plant, around her head," he said.

The offer itself is said to be worth $90,000. The Kalenjin ethnic group, which NPR once declared the source of the "world's best runners," boasts a population of five million and is one of Kenya's many minority groups.

From an American perspective, such an offer — especially to a 16-year-old girl — will certainly be seen as offensive or bizarre. Still, it's a very public and interesting interaction between the President and one relatively small ethnic group in Kenya, where a livestock dowry like this for a bride might not seem as peculiar. Obama's Kenyan background inspired Kiprono, who is confident that, if given the opportunity, his love will prevail. 

Obama will be making his first ever presidential visit to Kenya in late July. 


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