Watch Kendrick Lamar Get Into An Impromptu Freestyle Battle With The Manchester Youth

Hip-hop workshop.

Kendrick Lamar is having a good year. He met President Obama. He gave a fiery, emotionally charged performance at the Grammys, where he also won five awards. He even dropped another well-received new album, Untitled Unmastered, out of nowhere. Through it all, though, he's stayed true to his roots, and been as humble as a rapper at the top of his game can be.

The best evidence of that fact is the work he does at the local level, not only in his hometown of Compton, Calif., but in cities all over the U.S. and even the world. One of his most recent stops was at a hip-hop workshop in Manchester, England, presented by Reebok Classic. Kendrick collaborated with Reebok on the Ventilator sneakers last year, and told The Coveteur recently they were "just the first step of what can be done."

"I see providing activities, like huge activities — me and Reebok getting involved in something way, way, way, way bigger, inside the communities," he continued. "To have a brand actually come there, come to the soil and do something bigger than just a shoe, I haven't seen it done in the magnitude that I see it in my head."

So when he showed up for what was supposed to just be a meet-and-greet in Manchester, it isn't too surprising that he went the extra mile and freestyled with the young rappers in attendance. Check it out:

Cover image: Reebok via YouTube


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