Kelly Clarkson Announces Her New Children's Book In An Adorable Video Starring Her Daughter

"We are, as you can tell, waiting on River Rose."

Kelly Clarkson had an exciting announcement for her fans this week — she's releasing another children's book. Her first title, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, was inspired by and named after Clarkson's young daughter, and included a lullaby performed by Clarkson herself.

The new book, which is themed around Christmas, also features River Rose ... and based on Clarkson's adorable announcement video, it seems to have gone to the 3-year-old's head. In the clip, which Clarkson posted on social media, the singer sits down to a press conference about the book, with an empty chair beside her. 

"We are, as you can tell, waiting on River Rose," she says. "She is not ready yet."


The video then cuts to River Rose getting her nails done, putting on makeup, and twirling in her dress.

In the meantime, her mom gives information about the new book. Its title is River Rose and the Magical Christmas, and it's out on October 24, giving fans plenty of time to pre-order it. Clarkson also wrote a full song for the book, called "Christmas Eve," that's "from the perspective of the elves ... their celebration song."

Clarkson said she chose to write a Christmas book because the real River Rose loves the holiday. According to Today, the book follows the young protagonist and her dog as they travel to the North Pole to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas.

Traveling to a press conference on time, however, is another story.

Cover image via Instagram

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