Kelda Roys Breastfeeds Her Daughter In Campaign Ad — And Doesn't Miss A Beat

"I think, in 2018, people are hungry for candidates who are authentic and speak the truth."

Kelda Roys is running for governor of Wisconsin and, when it came time to film a campaign ad, the hard working mom of two knew she wanted her family involved in the process.  

In fact, in an ad called "Our Girls" that was released on March 6, Roys is shown breastfeeding her younger daughter while talking about her career in public service and hinting at what she hopes to accomplish as governor. 

Though nursing in a campaign ad could easily be seen as a gag, the fact that Roys is discussing her fight to ban Bisphenol A (BPA) in Wisconsin while doing so proves that she is serious about governing with the safety of families and other Wisconsin residents in mind. As Roys explains in the ad while taking care of her daughter's needs, the toxic synthetic compound found in baby bottles, sippy cups, and a whole host of other products can harm infants and young children because it impacts the brain and behavior.

After encountering a mom whose child was experiencing issues because of BPA exposure, Roys recalls how she became even more dedicated to removing the substance, and eventually helped ban BPA in Wisconsin by working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

"That's what's wrong with politics today," Roys tells the camera. "Are we taking our orders from people, or are we taking them from chemical corporations that don't care at all about what people need?" 

Of successfully getting BPA banned in Wisconsin she added, "That was an incredible moment because you realize how totally important the work that we do is."

Though Roys received plenty of accolades for breastfeeding her daughter without missing a beat, she hardly views it as a major accomplishment. "Anybody who's ever had a baby can tell you that they are unpredictable," the 38-year-old told HuffPost. "I just did what I have been trained by her to do, which is to immediately grab her and feed her, and I just sort of didn't think about it."

"When they sent back the video and it was in there, I just said, 'What the heck, this is real life,'" she added. "I think, in 2018, people are hungry for candidates who are authentic and speak the truth. I don't want to have to hide a really important part of myself in order to win an election."

In fact, though Roys may not have intended to nurse her child while simultaneously discussing her impressive political accomplishments, it underscores the notion that she's more than capable of achieving things for the people of Wisconsin. "What sets me apart from the rest of the field is not that I have a baby, but I have a track record of getting things done, of accomplishing progressive policies for people of this state," she concludes to HuffPost.

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