He Auditioned For The All-Female Dance Squad. None Of The Ladies Came Even Close

He runs the world.

When you have passion for something, you don't let petty little things get in the way of it, do you? Miami-based dancer Keith Wilson certainly doesn't.


Wilson, a 28-year-old choreographer from Miami, Florida, who owns his own dance company, decided his gender shouldn't stand in the way of auditioning for Miami Heat's dance squad.

The team was holding open auditions to select those worthy of going to their boot camp and eventually joining the Miami Heat Dancers. The team is known to be all-women, but agreed to give Wilson a shot. And what a shot he gave!

The footage shows Wilson performing a sassy freestyle routine during the first round of auditions.

Set to Beyoncé's 'Run the World (Girls),' his choreography was so eye-grabbing, even other dancers were cheering for him.


From more than 200 dancers who auditioned for Miami Heat, Wilson was the only guy. He made through to the third round of tryouts, but wasn't picked for the boot camp.

Even though he believes the decision had to do with his gender, Wilson stays positive and told BuzzFeed he thinks Miami Heat will be open to having a male dancer on their team anytime soon. Wilson also hopes his actions will inspire more male artists to go after their dreams.

Watch the full video below.


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