For 7 Years Now, This Dad Has Been Covering His Arm With Son's Colorful Doodles

Wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Meet Keith Anderson from Peterborough, Ontario. Anderson is a sworn mountaineer, adventurer and a proud dad with a serious love of tattoos.


But not just any tattoos. Anderson wants to make an entire sleeve out of the doodles created by his 11-year-old son, Kai.

Anderson says he came up with the concept after seeing one of his younger brothers tattoo a picture drawn by his niece. The artists at the tattoo salon were stoked to take part in such a heartwarming project.

"Each of the three tattooists I have had over the years had never heard of anything like this. They were completely onboard and loved the idea," Anderson told A+ in an email.

Anderson's first tattoo is from when Kai was only four. The family decided to add one tattoo each year. (Or until Anderson runs out of free space on his body.)

When Anderson was getting his latest drawing inked, the tattoo artist suggested Kai give it a shot. Future career, check.

All of Kai's doodles are collected in this "Poetry Book" that also contains one of the future tattoos Kai has been working on for a longer period of time.

"The Poetry Book was a Christmas present Kai gave to me in 2013. It contains his sketch for the tattoo we will do for his 9 year old piece. We skipped it that year because he wanted to edit the drawing a little. It is a moon and a series of stars that accompanied one of the poems," Anderson said.

The story of Anderson's tattoos was captured by Peterborough-based photographer Chance Faulkner

Faulkner, who is working on a project called "People of Peterborough," decided to feature the pair's wonderful story and show the inspiring relationship between a father and his son.

According to Anderson, this playful tradition strengthened their bond and gave Kai a clear understanding of what lengths his dad is willing to go to for him.

"I really feel he knows I'm there for him no matter what, because I am so proud to show off his art. Not only hang it on the fridge, but have visible for all the world to see," Anderson told A+.

"I would describe our bond almost as two old dudes who have known each other a long time and just like to have a lot of fun and adventures," says Anderson.

Photo courtesy: Keith Anderson

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To see more beautiful and evocative photography by Chance Faulkner, please visit his website or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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