This Japanese 'Girl Band' Of 33 Dancing Grandmas Will Most Definitely Knock Your Socks Off

Listen to your elders.

KBG84 is Japan's new "girl band" sensation and — get this — together, their average age is 84. Now, they're performing a completely sold out Japanese tour and have landed a record deal, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).


"When I first heard someone call us ‘idols’ I thought an idol meant someone who had lived a long life and was at the gates of heaven...

"...But in Tokyo they told me it was an entertainer – which was a relief because I thought it meant I was on my way to heaven," 92-year-old Tomi Menaka told AFP.

And their music video, 'Come On And Dance,' is just about the happiest, most entertaining thing out there.

It starts out just like any other day...

And everyone's holding hands...

And then BAM — here we go.

So much happiness...

Seriously, everyone's pumped...

Pure bliss.

Continue for the full music video (you'll be happy you did).

They describe their music as about their island and nature — "whales in the sea spouting or dolphins doing somersaults." If a bunch of sassy seniors singing about whales isn't the pinnacle of modern string pop music, then I don't know what is and frankly I don't want to know either because I'd much rather just watch 'Come On and Dance' on repeat," Alex Rees writes for

But according to AFP, the grannies have stayed humble despite their success. They enjoy talks over tea, gossiping, and fighting like children.

"We are all together with the same heart. All for one and one for all," Hideko Kedamori, 86, tells the publication.

These women seem to have an outlook on life, dancing, and friendship that we only hope to have at their age. In one music video, they manage to spread smiles, bring a community together, and inspire others to embrace what they've got no matter how how old you are.

That said, we're with you ladies. No seriously, can we join? 


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