Jimmy Kimmel's Guessing Game Helped Katy Perry Reunite With A Childhood Friend

"You are just so beautiful."

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As Katy Perry proved on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, you don't have to be literal BFFs for a friendship to stick with you years later. Sometimes all it takes is a familiar face for all the memories to come flooding back — even if you can't quite remember their name.

It all started when Kimmel presented Perry with six people communicating via video chat, and asked her to guess which of them she knew from her past. ("Have I made out with any of these people?" she wondered.) The singer first incorrectly guessed one of the men, explaining, "You're really cute, so I thought maybe we would have some kind of association."


Her second guess, however, was right on the money, and once she got a closer look, she didn't have to ask any further questions to figure out how they knew each other. Although she accidentally called her Erica instead of Ahnika, she quickly recalled their "mischievous" friendship in sixth and seventh grade.

"You are just so beautiful," Perry told her. "What an incredibly beautiful woman you've grown into."

Ahnika went on to share two funny stories she remembered from their friendship — both of which happened to involve Perry offering some questionable advice about bras. It makes us wonder what our own childhood friends would remember about us years later. We're also hoping these two can stay in touch beyond Kimmel's show, as they have a lot to catch up on.

Watch the sweet reunion in the video below:


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