Katy Perry Disguised Herself As Artwork To Freak Out Unsuspecting Museum-Goers

"Can we touch the head?"

Pop star Katy Perry recently made headlines for the release of a music video for her latest single, "Bon Appétit." In the video for the song, which is a collaboration with hip-hop group Migos, she can be seen being prepared like she's food. She gets covered in flour, adorned with vegetables, and even "boiled" in a huge pot. Recently, she met up with the team at Vanity Fair in an effort to take the idea a step further with unsuspecting strangers. 

In a video, Perry joins Vanity Fair's Man on the Street host Derek Blasberg for a new installment of his series Derek Does Stuff with a Friend. The pair head over to the Whitney Museum in New York City and work to disguise as Perry as a piece of artwork in a special exhibit. 

She pops her head through a picnic table to make it look like she's a severed head being served up on a plate of fruit. They then cover the plate with a metal cover so that she has to be unveiled as each group enters. On a place card next to her is the exhibition's title "Bon Appétit" by artist Kathryn Hudson, which, unbeknownst to many, is Perry's real name. 

Blasberg then walks around the museum to find patrons to visit the special art installation. "This is a one-time, site-specific installation. It's only happening this afternoon," he tells them when they walk into the room. "The idea is that this is the feast of life. What do you think is under the hood?"

"A human hand," one museum-goer guesses. 

Watch their reactions when they find out the truth in the video below.


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