If Katniss Had More Pita, 'The Hunger Games' Would've Ended A Lot Sooner

Because who doesn't love pita?

Why was Katniss so sad throughout The Hunger Games trilogy? Because she couldn't get enough pita, duh. 

And when it's a choice between team Peeta and team Gale, there's really no competition. 

Neither wins. Only pita wins. No, not Peeta — just, pita. Good ol' pita with a pocket for hummus and falafel, and some tabbouleh. Maybe if Katniss had gotten  enough of it, she wouldn't have been so hungry, and the Hunger Games could have ended a lot sooner. 

Don't believe us? Just take a look at this video by Norway-based creators of YouTube channel PistolShrimps. It shows exactly just how much Katniss wishes she had some more pita in her life. 

Enjoy (pita): 



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