Watch Katie Holmes Get Wildly Competitive With Ryan Reynolds And Jimmy Fallon At 'Musical Beers'

You go, girl.

You may not have known this about Katie Holmes, but she's extremely competitive — at least when it comes to "Musical Beers." Holmes stopped by The Tonight Show and played the game with host Jimmy Fallon, actor Ryan Reynolds, and hip-hop band The Roots. 

The game is like musical chairs, but with beers. There are more people playing than there are cups of beer on the table. As music fills the room, participants walk around the table. Once the music stops, each player has to grab one of the beers on the table. The one left without a beer is out. Simple enough, right? 

After taking off her heels, Holmes has no chill. She's playing to win. During the very first round, she finds herself and Reynolds in front of the only beer within reach when the music stops. So, she snatches it from Reynolds, cracks the cup, and spills beer everywhere. Everyone laughs because it's all in good fun. 

Fallon is her next victim. 

Watch the whole thing unfold and see who wins in the video above. 

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