This Yogi's Self-Care Tips Are So Important And Simple To Do

This is super important for our mental health.


For yogi Kathryn Budig, it is imperative we take the time to listen to ourselves for the sake of our mental health

Budig, an internationally known yoga teacher, author, and founder of Aim True Yoga tells Self magazine that "when you aim true, you accept yourself and all the qualities you possess without the expectations of others ... Your mark is not necessarily where you're supposed to land. What you want is a feeling in your core and not necessarily a tangible destination."

She, of course, recommends yoga as well as mediation, a practice that's shown to help increase our attention spans, sleep better, feel more connected, and improve brain functioning, among other benefits. 

In a corresponding video for Self (above), Budig says she believes that we are entering an age when people are trying to unplug. This could mean from our phones and computers, our busy work schedules, and social media. She also says she thinks some of today's mental health issues are "directly correlated with the swipe, with not being able to listen to our own voice anymore."

Her advice? Relax. 

"The ability to allow your eyes to rest, and listen to conversations ... it's triggering the brain in a really refreshing way and hopefully bringing the world back to a place where we can have creativity again." 

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