'SNL's' Kate McKinnon Expertly Impersonated Ellen DeGeneres On 'Ellen'

The dancing is everything.

It turns out two Ellens are better than one. 

Kate McKinnon, who impersonates Ellen DeGeneres on Saturday Night Live, treated us to an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday. 

"It's weird to have somebody do impressions of you because when you hear it, you're like, well that's such an exaggeration. I mean it's funny, but it doesn't sound like me at all," DeGeneres said before McKinnon made her entrance. "The next day your friends call you up and say, 'Did you see Kate on SNL? She sounded exactly like you.' "

McKinnon then came out dressed exactly like Degeneres from head to toe and delivered the episode's monologue in character. All the while, standing right next to the very person she was impersonating. "I got this, blondie. Step aside," she said. 

The real DeGeneres thought the impression had some inaccuracies, but she was ready to move things along. "OK, if you're Ellen, do you know what happens next?" she asked McKinnon. 

"Yeah, of course I do. I'm Ellen and we dance," fake Ellen replied. 

The two then danced their way through the crowd and it was truly glorious. 


Watch the segment unfold in the video below:


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