This Woman Battling Cancer Was Given 'Strength And Hope' After A Thoughtful Stylist Showed Her Some Love

"It gave me all the strength and hope to hold on."

Makeup artist and hairstylist Kat Collett recently shared a special story on Instagram, quoting a client named Scintilla who is battling bone cancer. 

In the post, Scintilla explains she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right leg in 2011. At the time, she underwent chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery, which resulted in cutting out part of her femur and her entire knee. The cancer was cured for awhile, but as of December 2016, she has relapsed with stage three bone cancer. 

She is currently on her sixth drug treatment to cure the cancer, and says it has changed her life drastically.

"I have gone down to just one tumor that takes up 40 percent of my left lung capacity so I often struggle with breathing and getting proper circulation to my head. That usually results with weakness and fainting so severe that it has hindered me from being able to walk on my own, even if it was just to the kitchen or bathroom, let alone, stop me from being able to work, finish nursing school, pursue my own hobbies," she writes. 

"But one of the biggest struggles for me was being isolated or staying connected with friends and family because of how often I was usually in pain, disorientation from my pain medication, or side effects from just having cancer itself, or extreme fatigue that it made it unsafe and terrifying to go anywhere without supervision."

"It made me feel very easily forgotten, useless, and heartbreakingly isolated," she revealed.

However, Scintilla says that she has a wonderful support system who don't make her feel like an outsider or self-conscious. And one of those people is Collett.

She thanked the Kansas City-based hairstylist for the makeover which turned her short brown hair into a vibrant bubblegum pink. 

The photo shows Scintilla grinning from ear-to-ear, laughing for the camera after her makeover. Her happiness is clearly visible, but she also expressed her feelings in the post. "To be able to make some good changes that would help me cope more positively, such as being chosen for this complete makeover ... by my friend Kat, whom I am eternally grateful, for seeing me over probably a few thousands who wanted what I got. And for that, it gave me all the strength and hope to hold on."

The post is receiving many positive comments from strangers and even Scintilla's friends. One wrote, "I went to high school with her and she's always been an inspiration, even before she was diagnosed with cancer. She's SO ambitious and driven ... I know this must of meant a lot to her ... "

(H/T: Allure)

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