Kanye West Talks About Ending Bullying And Plays 5 Second Rule On 'Ellen'

"I'm sorry daytime television, I'm sorry for the realness."

Kanye West was on "The Ellen Show" Thursday and discussed some of his ideas on how to better the world.

He touched upon what he's said recently on Twitter, but, more importantly, went into some detail about how we are in a "renaissance period ... where people are multidisciplined artists."

He spoke of how Steve McQueen was a photographer who then became an Oscar-winning director, and how West himself takes his ideas from music and puts them into his shoes.

While we might only see it as fashion and "not an important issue," West makes the larger point that kids are bullied because of what they can't afford and wear.

While going into many other details about his philosophy, he said, "I see the importance and value of everyone being able to experience a more beautiful life."

He explained how was bullied in elementary school when he was unable to afford the latest clothes. Therefore, he revealed he called up Payless about wanting to make a clothing line that people can afford that will end that form of bullying.

You can watch his full, extended comments below:

On a lighter note, Ellen then played the 5 Second Rule game with Kanye, which got way out of hand right off the bat. Watch below:

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