Kanye Just Pulled A Kanye And Not Only Changed Up His Tracklist, But Also The Name Of His Album

The creative mastermind.

When you're a creative genius like Kanye West, deciding on an album title can be strenuous.


At first he was going to call his album "So Help Me God" and then decided to call it "Swish."

However, as of last night, Ye' changed the album title yet again. This time, he decided to call his masterpiece Waves.

Travis Scott also helped tell the world about the new album name by posting a series of wave emojis.

Hudson Mohawke took some responsibility for the album change, although he didn't elaborate as to how he did that.

Either way, the new album is called "Waves," and there was also an updated tracklist.

At first, it simply looked like this with 10 songs. Oh, and Kylie Jenner was there, too.

Then it got a bit crazier.

All of a sudden there were three different acts to the album and "Ultra Light Beam" was scribbled under the last track, which could possibly be an additional song.

Since he first posted a picture of his notepad, apparently a lot more people popped into the room to sign his tracklist, too.

While Ye' has already released his song "No More Parties In L.A.," featuring Kendrick Lamar, little is known about what the album will actually sound like.

However, he did provide a recent update that it is a "Gospel" album.

And according to Ye' himself, this is the "album of life."

And since he updated his tracklist, a whole litany of people showed up to sign his notepad, which will probably wind up in the MOMA one day.

We shall wait for this to drop Kanye. We can't wait. What a time to be alive.

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