If You Can Guess What Kanye's New Album Title Is, He's Got A Prize For You

'Waves' is no more.

Kanye West's long-awaited new album is almost here, but because Kanye is Kanye, he's still putting the finishing touches on it, as well as completely changing huge aspects, such as its actual name. The name game has been well documented to this point, but a quick recap: it started out as So Help Me God, then switched to SWISH, and most recently, Waves. The move to Waves prompted some head shaking from Wiz Khalifa, which led to possibly the greatest Twitter beef of all time, and to no surprise, it's resulted in a fourth title. This time, though, Kanye wants fans to guess what it is. Here's his clue:

T.L.O.P. is obviously an acronym ... but for what? Take Less On Print? Try Looking Only Pissed? Talk Like Obama Prints?

It's probably not one of those. But if you think you know it for sure, apparently Kanye will give you free tickets to Season 3 of his fashion line and a pair of Yeezys for guessing correctly.

So throw your hat into the ring. Before he changes the name again.

Cover image: Disney via Flickr

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