Kansas City Firefighters Rescue 12 Embarrassed Cops Stuck In Elevator

To make matters worse, it was at the police academy.

When 12 tactical police officers from the Kansas City, Missouri police department got into an elevator together, they probably didn't expect that they'd be getting saved by the local fire department. 

Unfortunately for the red-faced boys in blue, that's exactly what happened when they exceeded the car's weight limit and found themselves at the receiving end of a rescue courtesy of the Kansas City Fire Department.

As the cops later explained on Facebook,

"About 1 p.m. yesterday, April 27, 12 Tactical Team officers got into the elevator at our Police Academy. Then they couldn't get out. The weight limit had been exceeded. So Academy staff called for the Fire Department to respond. They did, and we appreciate them getting our officers out! Everyone was physically safe, but egos were severely injured."

True to the spirit of interagency rivalries, the rescue was captured in all of its glorious embarrassment by Kansas City Fire Department Captain Gregg Favre who, naturally, took a picture and immortalized the moment in a tweet.


The K.C. bluesuits took it in good stride, posting the picture to Facebook.

(H/T: CNN)


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