With Only Dead Leaves And Flowers, This Artist Makes Beauty

Face the foliage!

Autumn is all about wet shoes and messy hair.

OR it's about sharing an umbrella with your beloved one, breathing the still autumnal air, and skipping through the colorful leaves scattered on the ground. At least that's how we picture it while gazing at Justina Blakeney's flower portraits.

Justina's ongoing project #FaceTheFoliage features a number of collages made from dried flowers, leaves and twigs that she'd found in her backyard. According to Justina, there is "no greener, more affordable, more accessible and more fun way to make art".

And we're pretty convinced.

Los-Angeles based designer, blogger and stylist Justina Blakeney has found a beautiful and fun way to re-purpose withered flowers and leaves.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram Justina Blakeney/Instagram

Justina says the idea for these artworks was born when she was raking dead leaves in her backyard.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram

"After staring at the leaves for several minutes, one of them smiled at me. It really looked liked lips. So I grabbed a few of them off of the floor and arranged them on my patio table until I had created an entire face from leaves. The face looked very expressive. She looked a bit melancholy, but if I titled her eyebrows one way, or switched the leaf I was using for lips, the expression completely changed," Justina told A+.

However beautiful, Justina's creations are very ephemeral as she doesn't glue or stick them together.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram

"It may be the temporary nature of the collages that I like most. A dead leaf floating down from a tree becomes an eye brow, or a nose. A petal of bright bougainvillea becomes painted, puckered lips. A shamrock becomes a bow-tie, and then it goes back into the bowl and is just a bowl of dried leaves and flowers," says Justina.

Each portrait has a personality attached to it. Blakeney says she thinks of them throughout the process, especially when shaping the eyebrows.

. Justina Blakeney/Instagram

"They look so expressive, it's pretty easy to match a personality to a face. It's almost like that game you play at a cafe where you watch a couple and guess how they met, what their stories are," Blakeney told A+.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram

Justina has even some commission work for the Vogue magazine, where she had to create flower portraits of Elizabeth Taylor, Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Jones and others.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram Justina Blakeney/Instagram

With no intent to sound cliche, Justina says she truly finds inspiration everywhere. Dead leaves and dried flowers are the best proof for that.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram

"I find that inspiration, like exercise, or yoga or something, is a practice - to get good at it you need to practice being creative every day. Some days you'll make amazing stuff, some days you won't, but even on the days that aren't as productive, you'll make create something that fuels your imagination or inspires your next amazing work," Blakeney told A+.

Justina Blakeney/Instagram

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