This Recently Deceased IndyCar Driver Was An Organ Donor. Here's How Many Lives He Saved.

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IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died after sustaining a head injury at the Pocono Raceway on Sunday. 

But in the wake of his tragic death, Wilson managed to save six other lives as an organ donor, according to a tweet from his brother, Stefan Wilson.


IndyCar drivers face a much higher risk of head injuries because the open-cockpit design leaves their helmets exposed. The 37-year-old was the first driver since Dan Wheldon in 2011 to die in a major U.S. auto racing series.

Wilson was struck by a piece of debris from another car that crashed, and his car swerved and hit a wall at the track. In critical condition, Wilson was quickly transported to a hospital via helicopter, but died on Monday. He is survived by his wife Julia, and daughters Jane, 7, and Jessica, 5.

Each year, thousands of people die waiting for an organ donation. The impact of an organ donor is unmistakable: one donor alone can save up to eight lives and enhance many more through tissue donation.

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Cover image via Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images


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