Justin Trudeau Fully Committed To This Dab In Parliament

The Canadian prime minister gave it 100 percent.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has all the elements of a pop culture icon — he's classically good looking, relatively progressive, and exudes a coolness readily available for mass consumption. Hell, he even planked in parliament, once. Trudeau is an easy choice for a "woke," modern-day Prince Charming, if you can (and many do) overlook the fact that he's ultimately another image-conscious politician. 

This week, while dropping a surprise visit on a group of Ontario students touring Parliament Hill, Trudeau attempted yet again to show that he's not a regular leader, he's a cool leader, and dabbed for a photoshoot. According to The Huffington Post, it wasn't the students' idea for Trudeau to dab; it was Toronto police Constable Dale Swift's. 


The Grade 5 and 6 students were touring Parliament Hill on a trip organized by VIA Rail, The Children's Breakfast Club, and Historica Canada to teach them about the history of black Canadians, The Huffington Post reported. 

Alas, Trudeau gave them more than they bargained for.  

Dabbing is a dance move believed to have been conceived by Atlanta rappers Migos. The last time dabbing and Western politics mixed in January when the teenage son of Rep. Roger Marshall dabbed at his father's swearing-in ceremony, utterly confusing Speaker Paul Ryan

At least Trudeau knows what dabbing is. (Canada wins again?)

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