This Justin Bieber Segway Routine Is Dizzyingly Awesome

Gotta get one of those.

Nailing an intricate dance routine is a difficult task on its own. But perform each and every move atop of a segway, gliding alongside four other dancers on their machines, and you've got an unbelievably impressive routine.

"What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber," a YouTube video that director, choreographer, editor, and filmmaker David Moore claims is the "world's first premium conceptual mini-segway dance" video, incorporates these mini-segways into a dance routine staged inside a large warehouse. 


"First, you wanna go to the left and you want to turn right..."

of The Huffington Post calls the video "without a doubt, the greatest thing humanity has ever created," and perhaps he's right — each move is executed flawlessly and without hesitation.

At one point, two of the dancers lift another up into the air, drop him off, and continue on as if nothing ever happened (nailed it!). 

Overall, we're hooked on every turn, twist, bend, point, and nod and, quite frankly, wish the video would never end.

Be sure to watch the captivating video below:

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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