Justin Bieber Pays A Touching Tribute To The Victims Of The Orlando Shootings

"Don't ever be afraid to be yourself."

Justin Bieber continued his Purpose tour on Thursday night in Orlando.

During his show, Bieber payed a heartfelt tribute to the 50 victims in the two recent Orlando shootings.

One shooting involved singer Christina Grimmie and the other involved the death of 49 people at Pulse Nightclub

Bieber first spoke to the crowd, saying, "I've just been thinking of the families and really feeling for them. It's hard to really be happy at a time like this and it means a lot to see you...smiling."

He continued, "It's no joke. It's a tough thing. Again, this is such a moment for us to be together...be strong. Keep fighting."

He then sang his song "Purpose" while a screen displayed the 50 names of the innocent lives that were recently lost.

Bieber also went on Twitter after the show to offer some strong words of encouragement to anyone who may find themselves afraid at the moment.


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