Here's Every Character From 'Jurassic Park' Wearing High Heels. Including The Dinosaurs.

Click clack click clack click clack.

If you saw the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt, then you didn't notice a single dinosaur because you, like the rest of us, were too preoccupied wondering why the hell the lead female character, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, was wearing high heels the entire freaking time. 

Even when she was being chased by monstrous beasts, she still refused to abandon those perfect shoes, because, hey, beauty is pain, right? 


The ridiculousness of it all did not go unnoticed by anyone with eyes — least of all those women affected by Cannes Film Festival's "Shoegate" earlier this year. You know, the "Shoegate" that prevented any woman in flats from walking the red carpet? 

So it was decided if one woman has to wear high heels while running from dinosaurs, let alone standing around at a party in France, then all should endure the same pain. And thanks to the powers of YouTube channel XVP Comedy this has become a reality in their parody Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition, where every single character in the Jurassic Park series — including the dinosaurs— is wearing heels. 

Check it out:

Each scene was digitally remastered so every character is wearing high heels.

And we mean EVERY character...

Even the dinosaurs.

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