We Need More Badass Women In Politics. This Actress Is Writing A Book To Make It Happen.

"Last time I checked we make up over half the population."

Women who want to bring a better gender balance to politics will soon have a handbook to help them take the next steps.

Actress June Diane Raphael, whom you might recognize from her role on the Netflix comedy series Grace and Frankie, announced this week that she's teaming up with Kate Black to write Represent. The Badass Woman's Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World, to be published by Workman in 2019.

Black is the chief of staff for EMILY's List, an organization that helps pro-choice Democratic women get elected to office. Raphael, meanwhile, has been outspoken about politics on social media, and recently launched an Instagram campaign called The Big Hundred with her husband Paul Scheer. It featured a piece of content from celebrities and other influencers for each day of President Trump's first 100 days in office, encouraging others to take action.

The book's official description calls it a "concrete, funny, stylish, accessible, and interactive women's guide to running for office" that will combine "elements of a workbook/planner with prescriptive how-to text." For women who don't wish to run for office, the book will offer information about "how to support, uplift and nominate other women."

Raphael was straightforward with People about why the book and its message are so important: "Because we can't look at another photo of a bunch of older white dudes making decisions about women."

That comment could, unfortunately, refer to a lot of photos, but more recently an image went viral depicting Vice President Mike Pence discussing the Republican health care bill — which could have a major impact on women's health concerns — around a table that didn't include a single woman. After the bill passed the House last week, another viral photo depicted a similarly narrow demographic celebrating behind President Trump.

Raphael cited statistics that show women make up less than 20 percent of Congress and less than 25 percent of state legislatures. "Last time I checked we make up over half the population," she told People. "I'm no mathematician (despite the rumors) but these numbers are haunting. I'm collaborating with Kate Black on this book because we both truly believe we need our government to reflect the actual population."

The book's potential audience is already huge, and it's only getting bigger. EMILY's List recently reported that it had already heard from 11,000 women this year who are interested in running for public office, including some House races. Stephanie Schriock, the organization's president, called the latest numbers "unprecedented."

Other initiatives, such as VoteRunLead's web series, are further encouraging women to get involved in politics. A recent study even found a correlation, on a state level, between the number of women represented in public office and women's quality of life — as it related to issues such as equal pay and reproductive rights.

We can't wait to witness the change this new book could inspire.


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