This 18-Year-Old Russian Puts Your Six Pack To Shame

Look at those muscles!

Some people might say that pumping iron and French manicures don't mix, but Julia Vins proves otherwise.


The accomplished 18-year-old Russian powerlifter is also known as "Muscle Barbie."

Vins holds three World Powerlifting Records and says she can deadlift almost 400 pounds. That's about the weight of a piano!

Check out her 16-inch biceps.

And those quads.

At first, Vins had no set workout program, just the goal to become more self-confident through training. A year later, she was introduced to powerlifting and the new Julia was born.

Despite her already impressive physique, Vins says she's not going to stop building muscle until she becomes "as big as possible."

Vins is aware that some people have criticized how she looks. While she says she respects their opinion, she thinks that it might be just jealousy talking.

"Because of my facial features, people have always said I look like a doll," she told The Daily Mail. But Vins says she has never felt her looks are representative of who she was as a person.

Here's Vins front squatting with a meager 250 pounds on her shoulders.

The "iron lady" does like to maintain her feminine side and wears makeup even when she's at the gym.

When faced with negative comments, Vins responds that it's impossible to please everybody: "I am following my dream," she writes on her website.

To know more about this impressive young woman, please visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

(H/T: The Daily Mail)

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