Julia Roberts Acts Out Her Movie Career With James Corden In Less Than 10 Minutes

From "Pretty Woman" to "Erin Brockovich."

On Wednesday night's Late Late Show, James Corden did what he always does when his celebrity guest has an impressive filmography to their name — acted out the whole thing in less than 10 minutes, with no cuts and multiple costume changes. He's done it before with stars like Tom Hanks and Samuel L. Jackson, but this week, it was all about Julia Roberts.

As usually happens when we watch these segments, we found ourselves marveling at just how many iconic movies Julia Roberts has starred in over the years. She and Corden cover just about every title you can think of, from her early roles in Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias, to the classic Pretty Woman and Oscar-winning Erin Brockovich.


All the while, Corden helps her out in the supporting roles, with plenty of wigs to help him get into character. Our favorite role of his might just be George Clooney in the Ocean's movies. His version of the character is more like the real-life Clooney, complete with twin babies strapped to his chest.

The segment also uses some pretty impressive special effects to turn Roberts into both Tinker Bell from Hook and Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. Not to mention, they end things with a song that will definitely sound familiar if you've seen My Best Friend's Wedding.

Check out the entire production in the video below:

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