Judge's Reaction To Woman Who Got A Ticket For Parking A Minute Early Is Beautifully Merciful

"You've taken a wrong path in life..."

A video on a popular YouTube channel captures a rare moment of traffic court hilarity when a woman appears before a Rhode Island judge to contest a ticket that she got for parking a minute early.

Judge Frank Caprio, who resides over traffic court in Providence, Rhode Island, heard the case of a woman only identified as Sarah who ran afoul of municipal law when she parked her car in a No Parking zone a minute before its 10 a.m. permissible availability. The video was shot by Judge Caprio's brother Joe who films traffic proceedings for his YouTube show "Caught In Providence."

Judge Caprio's reaction was one of both disbelief and utter amusement and will be sure to put a smile on your face, especially if you've ever gotten a ridiculous parking ticket. Take a look below.


Judge Caprio is clearly a man who understands that the spirit of the law is best served with equal helpings of mercy and understanding.

Justice was served.

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