Watch People From All Over The World Explain What They'd Do If They Had No Fear

Their answers are both relatable and beautiful.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

As part of its ongoing series, Jubilee — a company who's videos aim to "bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories" — has been interviewing people from all over the world about universal topics such as love and fear. In its latest episode, Jubilee asks people what they would do if they had no fear, and their answers are both relatable and beautiful.

"I think I would go bungee jumping," one woman in Sydney says. "I think the biggest fear that I have is of myself. I do question [if] I have enough skills ... am I talented enough?" she adds later.

"My fear is not fulfilling my purpose here on Earth," another woman in São Paulo says.

Later in the video, some of the participants add their thoughts on fear, and inspire us to break free from those barriers. 

"I think everybody's afraid at some stage," one person says. "You have to do these things otherwise you're not living. You're just waiting to die."

At the end of the day, just because we are afraid of something doesn't mean we should let that stop us from living our lives. You can check out more in the full video below:



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