Amazing Children Drop Some Real Knowledge About Love And Valentines


When it comes to love, or even to Valentine's Day, it usually isn't as simple as you'd like it to be.

Unless, of course, you're still a child. For these insightful youngsters who were featured in a Jubilee Project video, love is pretty easy.

"Loving someone is, like, a lot of eye contact," one kid says.

Yes, yes. There is definitely a lot of eye contact. Others cited their racing hearts or unlimited happiness as indicators of being in love, all before they were asked about the typical Valentine's Day gift: chocolate and flowers. 

"It would be better if you think of something different and like, original," one boy said.

"You should actually say something that you like about her," another girl offered. 

Who knew kids would be so full of wisdom? To hear their thoughts in full, check out the video above. And remember: Being original is always the best route. 

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