People Of All Ages Say What Age They Wish They Were Right Now

How would you answer this question?

Most kids can't wait to grow up. And most adults wish they could be young again.

In a new video from the JubileeProject, that funny conundrum is examined. 50 participants, of all ages, were asked what age they would be if they could pick. The little kids all wanted to stay the same or be older, while most of the older participants wanted to go back to their teenage years or adolescence. 

"I love being 80," one participant says in the video above. "Even though it maybe considered the autumn of our years ... just think how beautiful autumn is." 

Jason Y. Lee, executive producer of the video, told A Plus the video idea came from a conversation he had with director Tiger Souvannakoumane about wanting to grow older when they were little kids. 

"We thought it'd be interesting to speak to folks of all ages to see what kind of advice they would have," Lee said. "With this piece we wanted to encourage people to reflect on time and remind everyone that each day is a gift."

So before you start wishing to be older or younger than you are right now, perhaps consider that every age is the best age to start making the most out of life — especially your current age. 

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