Josh Peck And John Stamos’ Bromantic RV Road Trip Is The Definition Of Friendship Goals

Don't sing the "Full House" theme song, though.

John Stamos recently turned 53 and celebrated his birthday with his good friend Josh Peck.

The duo starred together on the show Grandfathered, which, sadly, was cancelled, but this bromance was meant to last.

The two decided to rent an RV and then hit the road on a bromantic adventure.

But this road trip wouldn't be complete without John Stamos T-shirts. Always necessary. 

Along the way, they shared some of their funny moments on social media. Like this rendition of the “Full House” theme song. Apparently Stamos wasn't feeling it.

He was, however, having a blast on this swing set in Santa Cruz, Calif. Sunday mornings are so much fun.

While we don't encourage you to do this, they also live-streamed a bromantic sing-along. “Everywhere you look”... oh ... whoops … sorry. Eyes on the road!

Just in case Peck's fans weren't aware, Stamos made him do a "tandem” Facebook Live, telling everyone to tune in to his Facebook page. After all, that's what best friends are for: Facebook followers.

And if a dual Snapchat filter photo doesn't say "besties," we don't know what does. #Adorbs.

As with any road trip, a doughnut run with some fans is key to sustaining energy.

As is dancing in random convenience stores on Lost Hills Highway 46. You can never be lost, though, as long as your best friend is with you, Josh.

If that wasn't enough, they also hit up Sunday's A Drag for some quality downtime. No word on if Stamos and Peck dressed up as well. Perhaps that was kept private among their friends on Snapchat.

During the trip, Stamos also got a birthday wish from his friend Bob Saget:

When you're RVing together and your super-best friend is an ex-teen idol who can offer beauty AND professional advice, you know something special is brewing.

When asked by Fox earlier in the year about why he enjoyed working with Stamos on Grandfathered, Peck joked, "When he shares some of his beauty tips with me ... which he has none of because he is genetically gifted and I am just like a plebeian in his aura."

But on a serious note, Stamos offered Peck some sound advice about what it takes to have longevity in acting and comedy, such as being "classic." Peck said, "He has such an appreciation and love for the classics, and the great actors and actresses that have come before him, and he is always in suit, and looking his best. I look up to that."

These two are definitely best friends for life. And Peck has yet to wash his face.

Haven't washed my face since......😘😘

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