Victoria's Secret Model Josephine Skriver Has 6 Things You Shouldn't Say To Kids With LGBTQ Parents

"Because they saw that it was possible to be anything but the norm."

Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver has taken the fashion world by storm — and now, she's on a mission to help spread awareness for children in the LGBTQ community.

Having grown up with gay parents, Skriver "is now an ambassador for Gayby Baby, a documentary about what it's like to grow up with same-sex parents," Teen Vogue explains in a caption for a new video with the model herself.


The important, enlightening video features six things Skriver and other kids with LGBTQ parents are tired of hearing, including questions regarding how they were conceived and if they feel left out of having certain parental role models. 

For instance, when people ask who Skriver's real parents are, she responds: 

"Every family is so different ... Nowadays I'm so happy that we live in a world where you can have multiple moms and you can have multiple dads, and nobody is less of a mom to you than anyone else. So if you relate to someone as your mom — she's your mom."

Additionally, when asked if her friends were ever uncomfortable to come over to her house, Skriver says it was quite the opposite:

"... My place actually became a safe haven for most of them. It was a place where you could explore being whoever you wanted to be ... and I actually had friends who came out to me because of that — because they saw that it was possible to be anything but the norm."

In celebration of International Family Equality Day on May 1, Gayby Baby is now available on iTunes.

And, as Skriver wrote in a caption for Instagram, let's work together to "spread respect, tolerance, and positivity by being the change for the children of LGBTIQA+ parents."

For more from Skriver, be sure to check out the full Teen Vogue video below:


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