He Found Out His Buddy Was Expecting A Boy, So He Built This


So you reckon your uncle is pretty cool? You're probably right, but this guy is putting up some tough competition.

When New Yorker Joseph Reginella found out that his best friends were expecting a baby boy, he decided to build a crib for the new addition. And it's like nothing you've ever seen before. 

Inspired by the movie "Jaws," the crib comes in a shape of a massive shark devouring a boat.

This baby ain't afraid of no sharks. Scroll down to see the final result.

This is how you make a hand-carved foam sculpture of a shark.

With paint added.

And this is what the finished "Jaws"-inspired crib looks like in the home.

"I made it as a spoof to the mainstream and the kid loved it," Reginella told A+.

He clearly did.

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