Homeless Man Saves Man With Cerebral Palsy From Robbers, Then Gives Him His Last $60

"I don't have much, but hey life is precious."

Joseph Hall of Birmingham, Alabama is being hailed not only for his heroism in refusing to back down in his defense of a homeless man with cerebral palsy, but also his kindness after giving the man his last $60.

What makes this story noteworthy is that like the victim, Hall is also homeless.

According to Birmingham's ABC affiliate, it all started when John "Triston" Stubbs, who lives with cerebral palsy and must use a wheelchair to get around, was lured by two knife-wielding robbers away from the Firehouse Shelter where he and Hall stay, and robbed. "They took everything I had," Stubbs explained.

Hall became concerned when Stubbs didn't return before the doors were locked for the night. "I knew he was defenseless, tried to keep a watch on him," he said in an interview with the local news station.

Stubbs eventually got back to the Firehouse Shelter, but wasn't allowed in as it was already after hours, a policy in many homeless shelters. He soon found himself at the mercy of two more robbers who sought to take the one possession he most needs: his wheelchair. That's when Hall stepped in.

"Couple more folks came up to snatch his chair. When I walked up, they said, 'We'll give you twenty bucks to turn your back and look the other way," Hall told the news station. "I was like, you're not taking his chair, that don't sit well with my heart." The robbers left empty-handed.

Knowing that he couldn't leave Stubbs out on the street, Hall took it upon himself to rent a motel room to keep him safe for the night. "I just felt sorry for him," Hall said. "It was the last $60 bucks I had, but I'm not worried. I don't have much, but hey, life is precious."

"I don't feel like a hero," Hall added. "Anybody got a heart and love, people gonna reach out."

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