Jordy Nelson Stepped Up For His Community When Injury Knocked Him Down

Now that's a role model.

When Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson tore his ACL this year, most fans expected him to take a year off. Though he did take a year off from his chosen career, that didn't stop him from working hard.

Thirty-one-year-old Nelson decided to use his free time to connect not just with his children, but also with his community. Rather than spend all his time rehabbing and resting, Nelson became a substitute teacher for his son's third-grade class. Nelson replaced a teacher who had to enter treatment for cancer.

"I had incredible teachers growing up," he said in a new Dove commercial about his life. "They gave me so much that I just wanted to give it back."

Nelson also spent time back in his hometown in Kansas working with his brother on the family farm. 

"Real strength to me is caring for other people," Nelson said. 


Check out the commercial:


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