After 500 Hours Of Practice Across 18 Months, This Guy Taught Himself The Piano, Proving Practice Makes Perfect

And he wants you to share the video with anyone interested in learning how to play.

"Practice makes perfect" is something you've probably heard many times throughout your life and that's because — as most adages are — it rings true. It's hard to succeed at something without putting the time and effort into it, and that's something a guy named Jordan Nexhip knows all too well.

The young man shared a video on YouTube of footage he took over the course of 18 months of him teaching himself how to play the piano. In total, he practiced over 500 hours. In his video diary, he includes his opinions about how he's progressing along the way, admitting to stumbles as well as celebrating wins.

"The first 2 months were specifically difficult, having no prior experience. From 2-4 months were incredibly fun, I was learning a lot of new things and experimenting with my new knowledge," Nexhip wrote. "Though from 4-6 months my interest had died down and I became bored, as a result, I stopped playing as much, therefore, stopped improving. I got back into it around the end of the sixth month and have had a blast ever since."

Nexhip has edited down his entire journey to a video of just over five minutes and is encouraging others to share the clip with anyone they know who is interested in learning how to play. Even though he has come so far since the first day, Nexhip knows that a true professional's job is never done, and there is always room for improvement, closing with: "there's still so much more to learn."


Check out Nexhip's piano journey from novice to pro here:

(H/T: HelloGiggles)


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