Behind This Woman's Atypical Before-And-After Photo Is An Important Message About Self-Love

"Healthy means so many things to so many different people."

Over the last two years, former body builder Jolene Jones learned an important lesson after she stopped competing — however a person looks on the outside doesn't mean much if they don't feel confident and happy on the inside.  

In a Facebook post, the 26-year-old wrote how she went from being a "body builder to a body lover," and how "you can't put a price tag on happiness."


"Body builder to body lover. This isn't your typical transformation photo. I went from being controlled by my grueling gym regimen and weighing chicken and having protein shakes in my purse to fully enjoying a social life. Some people might say this is 'letting yourself go' but you can't put a price tag on happiness. I call this finding myself and realizing I can have more than one passion in life, whether it's hiking up in Glacier Park or enjoying beers with friends. A six pack didn't make me happy. I was never enough and always needing to improve. Today I went rafting with friends and enjoyed food the old me would have drooled over and wouldn't have dared to touch. Your body is quite LITERALLY the only thing that gets you through this life, your worth and joy isn't weighed by what you can lift or what the scale says. My worth is weighed by those I surround myself with and the smile on my face."

Since the post went up July 1, it has been shared over 49,000 times and received 12,000 comments. 

Jones told A Plus she hopes her words help spread a little positivity, and inspire others to love their bodies, no matter what they look like. "I shared it because I needed to love myself a little more and I know when you come out of competing there is a lot of judgement for no longer being 'the fit one' " she told A Plus.  

"And healthy means so many things to so many different people. I hope that people learn to start thanking their bodies and appreciating it more instead of hating it because our bodies do so much for us daily!"

After the huge response from the post, Jones took to Instagram to share how happy she was to help people boost their own body confidence with her message.

"Probably the coolest thing I've been able to do in life this far is have the ability to inspire so many people at one time to love themselves just a little more," she captioned the photo. "Self-love is important. I can't express that enough."  

She also followed up her post with a second Facebook photo from July 30, showing her jumping for joy and letting people know it's important to stay optimistic. 

"A person of positive expectancy vs. a person of negative expectancy. What does that mean? You can look at life with optimism and hope or negativity and angst. Which are you?"

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)

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