Johnny Depp Brings 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' To Life For These Special Kids

Captain Jack Sparrow has some new mates!

It's not often you come across a real life pirate, but these lucky kids at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital had the opportunity to meet one.


Out of the blue, Johnny Depp and fellow actor Stephen Graham popped in to the Australian hospital to give all of the kids a very special treat.

They even showed up in a helicopter. It's not every day you see pirates flying in a helicopter.

Showing up in full garb and full character as Captain Jack Sparrow and Scrum, these two actors made sure it was a day these kids would never forget.

One special super fan, Ula, had the pleasure of greeting the two "Ahoy" as they crept into the hospital. Yea, she was kind of excited!!

Keep reading to watch what happens.

This moment pretty much sums up the special day.

She can barely contain herself and neither can Depp for that matter! It really is a special moment in time.

Ula then guides Depp and Graham around the hospital to meet the rest of the patients, where Depp hands out some gold coins and plenty of hugs.

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The smiles on these kids' faces really say it all. It really is special that their favorite actor can take away the hardships they are going through, even if it is just for a day.

Watch the full video below!


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