Dear Students, You Are Not Alone

"Make sure your college years are the best ones of your life, because thanks to the debt we are saddling you with, they almost certainly will be."

On yesterday's episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and his adorable dimples did a perfect take down of the mounting student debt problem in the U.S., which has tripled in the past decade and has, according to him, "surpassed Bob Marley's Greatest Hits album as the thing seemingly every college student has."

His segment pays particular attention to for-profit universities like ITT Tech and University of Phoenix, their sky-rocketing tuition, and the unlikeliness for a return on your money at these institutions. He brings under the magnifying glass the atrocities of one particular for-profit university who actually had a recruiter at the Wounded Warriors barracks, signing up brain-damaged veterans who couldn't recall for what classes they were giving up their veterans' benefits.



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