'Bernie Sanders' Had A Message For John Kasich After He Hijacked His Speech

A little fun during a testy election season.


When it comes time to pick a president every four years, Americans are more "ugh" than "yay." 

That's because, leading up to the big day in November, running for the highest office in the land lasts for nearly two years. And during that time, U.S. residents are subjected to hateful rhetoric, candidates appearing everywhere, and a growing number of televised debates.

But every now and then, a moment comes along that gets a chuckle from both sides of the aisle.

That happened on Wednesday in Palatine, Ill., where Ohio Gov. John Kasich held a rally ahead of the state's Republican primary.

According to TheWrap, during Kasich's speech, an unidentified man in the audience began shouting at the presidential hopeful. It turned out it was a look-alike of former Vermont governor and current Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The impersonation was spot-on and would give Larry David a run for his money. But instead of losing his cool, Kasich invited "Bernie" up to share the mic — and, according to CNN, even took a selfie on "Sanders' " flip phone afterward.

While funny, the wannabe Bernie did make an important point about how low some of the debates and back-and-forths between candidates had sunk.

"On behalf of the American people, I wanna thank you for bringing a little class to the Republican debates," the impersonator said, according to The Blaze. "Not talking billionaire class, or millionaire class, but regular class. So thank you very much," he added, garnering applause from the supporters in the room. The identity of the impersonator has not yet been revealed.

Kasich is among four candidates vying for the GOP presidential nomination, battling against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio for the eventual nod that will find them running against either Hillary Clinton or the real Bernie Sanders.

Check out the video above to watch what happened.

(H/T: TheWrap)

Cover image: MSNBC via YouTube


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