After Retiring, This Man Decided To Take Up A New Hobby: Building Roller Coasters In His Yard

Best way to spend retirement.

If you're ever in Indiana, you might see something strange as you drive along the back roads of rural Bruceville: A roller coaster.

Back in 2001, John Ivers decided to build a roller coaster in his backyard. By the time he had it finished, however, the retired factory welder realized it was too big for his grandchildren, who were then toddlers. So he did what any good grandparent would do.


He built another one.

Ivers has had countless visitors from around the globe who've come to see and ride "The Blue Flash" and "Blue Too." If you happen to driving around Bruceville, you might think about stopping by, too.

Here's an awesome POV video of The Blue Flash.

Video via hauxandbum and The Weekly Special — WTIU on YouTube.

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