John Cena And Jimmy Fallon Laugh Their Way Through A Scene Written With Mad Libs

It gets a little NSFW.

WWE superstar John Cena joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday night for a new installment of one of our favorite games — Mad Lib Theater. Everyone from Chris Pratt to Kristen Wiig has joined Fallon for this side-splitting segment, in which the host and his guest act out a scene they've completed by filling out a Mad Libs game.

Cena quickly proved to be one of the most entertaining Mad Lib Theater participants in history, as he provided Fallon with immediate, oddball answers to fill in the script's blank spaces. That includes the interjection "Falafel!" and the very specific number 6,801, not to mention a couple of NSFW body parts.


Fallon and Cena then got into character for a holiday scene in which they play brothers. The premise is that Cena's character has stopped believing in Santa. But it's made hilarious thanks to Cena's answers, which one YouTube commenter called "the best answers anyone has ever given" for the game.

"I left Santa a plate of Ballpark hot dogs and a glass of Rob Roy," Cena reads from the cue cards. He and Fallon can hardly keep it together through the ridiculous dialogue, breaking down in laughter at multiple lines.

Things get particularly silly towards the end, when the pair sings the song "Rudolph the Seabreeze-Nosed WWE Superstar." Let's just say one of Cena's NSFW answers really pays off.

Hear all the ridiculous dialogue in the video below:


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